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    Unique Collaborative Rehabilitation Treatment

    that you can trust A unique collaborative treatment facilities available where in medication and psychotherapy are prescribed by two different clinicians, has become an increasingly common treatment arrangment in psychiatry.
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    Do You Know?

    Addiction is a Brain Disease.

    Addiction to alcohol/ Drugs creates Withdrawl Symptoms Such as Tremor, Siezure , Disorientation and DT. It is a not sign of moral perversion, weakness or lack of willpower. It is disease which leads to physical and emotional problems. It also causes problems in every sphere of life.
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    A friendly staff

    for a comfortable experience Sanghmitra is always around to answer your questions or help solve your mental/addiction issues.
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We provide here treatment, Tranning, Research and Awareness Activities in Drug de-Addiction, HIV/AIDS, Yoga, Stigma of Social and Mental Dieseases etc.


We are providing several type of counseling such as Group counseling, Individual counseling, Family counseling, Group therapy.


Ambluance services provide for out station paitent.

Do you know? Addiction is a mental illness.

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Sanghmitra trust going to celebrate Holi with Kaveri-IRCA's paitents.

Know About Sanghmitra Trust

Sanghmitra Trust doing work in health sector and devotive to provide mental illness free environment.Sanghmitra is a prestigious non-profit organization, deeply devoted in the field of health, education, research and training and social welfare. [...]

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What you can get here

Certificate distribution ceremony on 26th june International Drugs Day, veniue Kaveri-IRCA for 'counseling issues and processes'. The training program conduct by Sanghmitra Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Science which is organized by Sanghmitra Trust Patna. [...]

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